Knits for Kits! Calling all knitters!


Knits for Kits! Are you a knitter? Could you help us by creating some knitted blankets for the foster cats in our care or maybe some knitted mice?

We are looking for people who want to knit either blankets or a mouse cat toy

Mouse Toy: For the mouse cat toy Click here to download the pattern.
Cat and Mouse

Blankets: The blankets go with the cats to help them settle into their new home. If you do have the skills can you knit a 50 cm x 50 cm / 20 inches x 20 inches blanket to put into one of our collection boxes? It’s a great way of helping out and you could use up all your old wool the cats are not fussy about colour!

If you can knit either mice or blankets and leave these in our cat food donation boxes that would be great.


Cats Protection advises that when knitting a toy or blanket, it’s best to avoid the use of stretchy yarns or small plastic items – such as those that can be used for mouse eyes – to reduce the risk of injury to cats and kittens. Loose weave blanket patterns involving the use of large needles are best avoided too. The charity also suggests that cat owners regularly inspect cat toys for signs of wear or damage, not to leave cats unattended with knitted toys, and not to use knitted toys or blankets with cats that have wool-chewing habits.

If you have knitted goodies for our cats and are looking at ways to get them to us call 01227 686191 or email

Thank you.

Cat Blankets