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Keeping your Cat Safe During Fireworks Season

28 October 2018
Keeping your Cat Safe During Fireworks Season While firework displays and parties are fun for us all, our pets can often become distressed at the loud noises and lights that Bonfire Night brings. Keep your cat safe and happy with our advice.

Keep your cat inside
During fireworks season, the best way of ensuring that your cat is safe is to keep them inside. 

You can also:

Keep them in a dark room with a litter tray, food and water and a good place to hide.
Close all of your cat flaps, windows and doors to ensure your cat doesn't escape if they get spooked.

Cats Protection HQ also advise these other ways to keep your cat calm:

Reducing the impact of the noise of the fireworks. Play music and keep the curtains drawn
Use one of the ph
eromone plug-in diffuser in your house. This can be used to reduce anxiety and create a calming atmosphere. Start using it a couple of weeks before fireworks season starts, place it in the room when your cat spends most of its time
Remember - try not to reinforce fearful behaviour by overly comforting a cat that looks anxious., so if possible make sure they are safe and let them be.
Keep calm yourself and ensure your cat has a safe space to hide.