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International Cat Day 2019

08 August 2019
International Cat Day 2019

International Cats Day 2019 is being celebrated on the 8 August.

International Cat Day is a celebration of the relationship and bond that humans and our feline friends have had for thousands of years.  Recently there has been a discovery of a buried wildcat and human that dated back to approx. 9500 years ago, and in central China cat ownership can be traced back to approx. 5,500 years ago. Over the centuries, these wildcats evolved into the type of cats we love today and  to mark their place in our lives International Cat Day was created.

International Cat Day started in 2002 by international Fund for Animal Welfare. It was a way to celebrating the relationship that cats have with people and to support the wellbeing and welfare of cats.

You can celebrate International Cat Day in a number of ways, here are some of our suggestions:

  • Adopt a cat: there are a lot of cats and kittens looking for a home, follow the link to see the ones we have available.
  • Donate to a cat charity such as Canterbury and District Cats Protection
  • Volunteer for us
  • By volunteering for us: Cats Protection Canterbury and District is run by volunteers. We are always looking for other people to help us in our work.
  • By fostering for us. We do not have a main shelter so all the cats in our care are looked after by foster carers. To find out more follow the link.
  • By knitting for our cats. Are you a knitter? Could you help us by creating some knitted blankets for the foster cats in our care?
  • Donate some cat food at one of our collection boxes
  • By signing up to play the Cats Protection Lottery. By joining the Cats Protection Lottery and nominating us Canterbury and District as your local branch our branch will receive any funds raised.
  • Nominating Cats Protection Canterbury as your charity of choice on your Pets At Home VIP Card.
  • By buying a gift from our Amazon Wishlist.

These are just a few suggestions that you can do to celebrate International Cat Day to show how you care about cat welfare and to help cats that have yet to find their forever home.