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Keep Your Cat Safe this Christmas

22 November 2019
Keep Your Cat Safe this Christmas

Don’t send your cat crackers this Christmas!

Cats Protection Canterbury would like to remind pet owners that the festive period can be hazardous to cats. To help keep your cat safe and happy this Christmas, here are some top tips:

Number 1: Decorations can be dangerous to cats if broken or nibbled by cats, particularly items like glass baubles, tinsel and fairy light cables. If your cat can’t keep his paws off them then it is best to keep him out of the room unless supervised.

Number 2: Noisy parties can be stressful for cats. If you are planning a full house ensure your cat has a safe, quiet room where he can retreat to avoid all the fuss. Many cats are startled by the sound of loud bangs so try to keep him out of harm’s way when it comes to pulling crackers, letting off party poppers and general commotion.

Number 3: Holly, ivy and mistletoe are potentially toxic to cats so if you choose to have them in the home, position them well away from your cat’s reach. If you receive any plants as Christmas gifts, check that they are safe for cats. A full list of potentially harmful plants can be found on the International Cat Care website at icatcare.org/advice/poisonous-plants

Number 4: If you are thinking of offering your cat a treat, remember that cats normally appreciate attention or playtime with their owner more than titbits. If you are giving a food treat in addition to your cat’s meals, remember to limit the amount given so your cat doesn’t gain weight. It is best to stick to cat food treats rather than leftovers or raw meat, although a little bit of well-cooked fresh chicken or fish is okay.

Number 5: Clear away Christmas presents. After opening presents, be sure to completely clear the room of wrapping paper, elastic bands and ribbons to prevent your cat from nibbling at them.

Number 6: If going away at Christmas make plans for your cat well in advance, particularly if you are planning to put him in a cattery.

Number 7: Screen away open fires and supervise your cat if you have a lit fire.

Number 8: As New Year approaches, make preparations if you expect there will be firework displays nearby. Try to reduce outside noise by keeping curtains drawn, which will also reduce awareness of any flashes. Playing soothing music or having the TV on may also help. A pheromone plug-in diffuser can be used to decrease anxiety and can have a calming effect.

If you need more advice go to Cats Protection HQ advice: www.cats.org.uk/help-and-advice/home-and-environment/cats-at-christmas

For more advice watch the Cats Protection short film: