We Love Fundraising Volunteers!

We are looking for a new volunteer Fundraising Team Leader

Someone who can organize events and lead a team of fundraisers to help bring in much-needed funds for our branch.
We have a regular schedule of events but also need new ideas to raise money, so if you have skills in this area why not join our team?
You will need A clean driving licence
If you are interested please email enquiries@canterbury.cats.org.uk with the subject Fundraising.

 Volunteers to join the fundraising Team are always welcome. The more volunteers we have at events the more events we may be able to hold. It is a continual battle for our branch to make sure we raise enough money to pay our ever increasing vet bills.

Here are some of the roles that the Fundraising team carry out
Fundraising helpers
If you like getting out and about and meeting new people, you can really put your spare time to good use helping out at our many fundraising events throughout the year. Setting up tables, running stalls, standing on street corners with collection tins there is a long list. All these tasks take manpower and we need your help.
Crafters, goods and produce makers
Are you a dab hand with crafts, card-making, cake-baking or making jam and sweets? We are always looking for high quality donated goods and produce to sell at our events, and handmade/handbaked wares are always particularly popular.

Updated Feb 2014