Volunteering Testimonials

Here's what some of our current volunteers have got to say about volunteering with Cats Protection Carmarthenshire:

Rachel - Helpline and Social Media volunteer.

I joined Carmarthenshire Cats Protection, about 5 years ago now, starting off as a fundraiser. Being one of the youngest in the group at the time, I was welcomed instantly and being keen was helpful as I was eager to help out whenever I could. One of my aims by being a volunteer was to gain confidence, and it has certainly helped me to do just that. Since being a fundraiser, I slowly took on more roles and now I play quite a vital part in the branch, to the point of being a core group member. I do a lot of admin but still every so often help out at fundraising events. It's all been really worth while, and I wouldn't have gotten where I am now if I hadn't have volunteered at all. 

Alison - Fosterer and Fundraising.

I have been with Cats Protection Carmarthenshire now for 7 years and have enjoyed every minute of being able to try and help cats and kittens to have the best possible life. They can give such joy and pleasure, which makes it all worth while! I've seen it first hand through fostering, fundraising and also adopting too. I'd thoroughly recommend it if you have a love of cats!