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Caring for your cat

Caring for a cat is a big responsibility and one that the whole family can share. Below are the key things that every young person should know about caring for their cat.

Regular vet checks

It is important that a cat sees a vet at least once a year, for a physical check-up - teeth, ears, eyes, heart etc - booster vaccinations and deflea/deworm treatments. If you are at all concerned about your cat’s health or behaviour you should see your vet as soon as possible.


All cats should be vaccinated against the following diseases: Feline infectious enteritis (FIE), cat ‘flu and feline leukaemia virus (FeLV). All can kill cats if they become infected and so it is important to protect your pet.


A good diet is very important to keep your cat healthy. Choose quality tinned or dried cat food and always have a bowl of fresh water out. Cats are carnivores and cannot survive on a vegetarian diet.


Neutering helps cats become happier and healthier pets. A neutered male is less likely to wander far from home and get into fights. A female cat that has been neutered will not have any more kittens, which is good because there aren’t enough homes for all the kittens in the UK as it is! A kitten should be neutered between four and six months of age, your vet will advise you on exactly when.

If you would like to learn more about caring for your cat why not visit the Cat care section of CP's main website?