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Playing with your cat

Play is very important for cats, particularly kittens, as it teaches them the skills needed for life and lessons about the world around them.

Play is a great way for a cat to use up some of his energy, keep fit and healthy and keep his brain alert and active. The best games encourage cats to stalk, pounce, chase and bat objects with a paw in a safe way.

Top tips for play...

You can buy toys for cats from pet shops but why not save money and have some fun by making your own? Take a look at our make and do page.

Cats like toys that move, so get a toy on a string and move it around as if it were alive.

Some cats go mad for the herb catnip. You can buy toys stuffed with dried catnip – give one to your cat and see what he does!

Climbing and hiding
Cats love to climb and hide so getting a cat activity centre is a good idea, but a cheaper option is to give your cat some cardboard boxes to play in.

Indoor cats
Indoor cats need more entertainment than outdoor cats, so make dinner time more of a challenge by feeding cat biscuits through a puzzle feeder - or a plastic drinks bottle, with biscuit sized holes cut into it - ask an adult to help you with this.

The cat will learn that batting the bottle releases a biscuit. It also means that he will take his time eating his food!