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Types of cats

There are two types of cat, pedigrees and moggies (non-pedigrees). Cats Protection mostly cares for moggies, but occasionally we do rehome pedigree cats. There are over 100 recognised pedigree breeds in the world and that number grows as new ones are created. Below are just a few interesting breeds.

A Bengal catBengal


A stunning cat said to have been created in the 1960s by crossing a wild Asian leopard with an ordinary domestic cat. His beautiful coat can be spotted or swirly.
Fascinating fact: The Bengal loves water and will often try to join his owner in the shower! He also coos or chirrups rather than miaowing.

A Cornish RexCornish Rex

The Cornish Rex breed started in 1950 when a farm cat in Cornwall gave birth to a curly-coated kitten.
Fascinating fact: A Cornish Rex makes a good pet for children as he is talkative and friendly and will often play 'fetch' with his toys like a dog does.

A Birman

The exact origins of the Birman are not known, but it is believed that the very first Birmans lived in the Buddhist temples of Burma.
Fascinating fact: All Birmans have four pure white paws, which look like white gloves and their eyes are almost always bright sapphire blue.




A British BlueBritish Blue


The British Blue is part of the British Shorthair breed which was created in the 1800s. He has a thick blue/grey coat and bright orange or golden eyes.

Fascinating fact: British Shorthairs nearly died out in the early 1900s because of a shortage of male cats!

A PersianPersian (or longhair)

It is thought that Persian cats came from Asia and didn’t arrive in Europe until the 16th century. Their long coat needs grooming every day or it gets tangled.

Fascinating fact: There are lots of Persian breeds; including the White Persian, Black Persian, Peke-faced Persian, Cameo Persian and Smoke Persian.

A Siamese catSiamese

Siamese cats came from Thailand - which used to be called Siam. It's said that they were believed to be so special that only the royal family were allowed to own them. In 1884 the Siamese breed came to Britain; a present from the King of Siam.

Fascinating fact: Siamese cats are very talkative and love welcoming visitors to their home. However they can be demanding and have a bit of a jealous streak if someone else is getting all the attention!