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What we do


The most important part of Cats Protection's work is finding new homes for thousands of unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens every year. Cats come to us for many reasons and we spend lots of time making sure that each cat is ready for a new home and owner.

We always try to match the right cat with the right owner, so that they'll have many happy years together. We believe there is a home for every cat!


Neutering is the best way to stop more unwanted cats from coming into the world. Neutering is an operation which stops female cats from having kittens and male cats from becoming dads. It isn't cruel and actually helps your cat avoid fights and serious diseases.

One female cat can be responsible for around 20,000 family members in a lifetime; that's a lot of kittens and there just aren't enough homes in the UK to take them all in.

Cat care advice

We provide lots of cat care information through our website, telephone helpline and leaflets. We help people understand their cats’ needs so they become better owners.

It is very important to make sure that your cat is healthy and happy, read more in the all about cats section.