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What you can do

There are lots of ways that you can help Cats Protection.

Here are just a few ideas, let us know if you come up with some of your own!

Sponsored events

Why not organise an event and get your friends and family to sponsor you in aid of Cats Protection? You could do a sponsored swim, a sponsored silence, a sponsored walk; anything!

Home a cat

If you and your family feel ready for the responsibility of owning a cat, we would love for you to choose a CP cat. Find a branch or adoption centre near you here...

Fundraising sales

You could organise a sale for your friends; selling old toys, cakes, homemade gifts etc or you could donate your old stuff to a Cats Protection branch or charity shop.

Volunteer at a branch

You can't actually volunteer at an adoption centre until you are 16 years old, but branches may accept younger helpers as long as they are responsible and accompanied by an adult.