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Who we are

Cats Protection (CP) is the UK’s leading cat charity. CP is made up of branches and adoption centres; branches are run by volunteers who care for the cats from their own homes, while adoption centres are specially made buildings with lots of cat pens in one place.

Volunteers are special people who spend their spare time looking after cats for free; they do this because they care about cats and their wellbeing.

CP works with other animal charities to make sure that cats are not treated badly or left to stray on the street. We never put a healthy cat to sleep.

Cats Protection has been helping cats since 1927 and each year we help more than 218,000 cats and kittens, giving them the chance of a better life.

What we do

Friendly moggy

Rehoming, cat care, neutering; what CP is all about...

Why we do it

Why we do it - because we love cats

Cats Protection volunteers and staff are motivated by a love of cats...