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Why we do it

Why we do itCats Protection volunteers and staff are motivated by a love of cats and a concern for their wellbeing. There are many reasons why cats come into our care including:

  • When an elderly owner dies and there is no one else to care for kitty
  • When a cat has kittens and the owners can't look after them
  • When cats are saved from unsafe places and cruelty
  • When people separate, move house and can no longer keep their cat
  • When a cat is found wandering the streets and has no owner

Every cat is important to us and we make sure that they all see a vet for a check-up. Our adoption centres also vaccinate, neuter and microchip the cats.

Fascinating fact

Microchips give cats a better chance of being found if they go missing: the cat owner's address is stored on the chip and a scanner can reveal who the cat belongs to.