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Make and do

Sick of sitting around in front of the TV? Want to get creative and try out new things? Then why not have a go at some of our make and do ideas?

Simply choose an activity and click on the link to bring up the instructions. (The instructions will open in a PDF file so you will need Adobe Acrobat on your computer to see them).

Fantastic fish toy

Download now

Cats love to play with toys and fish seem to fascinate them! Have a go at making one for yourself.

Pom pom toy

Download now

A woollen pom pom ball will entertain your cat for hours and with a little effort you can make one of your own (or loads if you get the hang of it).

Loopy string toy

Download now

A simple woollen string toy that your cat will love to chase and is really fun for you to make.

Cat-ilicious cakes - for you!

Download now

This is a tasty recipe for a cake decorated to look like a cat. Fun and easy to make and good to share with the whole family.

Colouring challenge

Download now

A cat's dream home: What every cat loves and dreams about! Print out the picture and colour in our cat's favourite things.

Join the dots

Download now

Go from number to number; joining the dots to find out what animal they hide. (It's not very difficult!)