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To send Cats Protection a drawing or photo simply fill in the details below and upload your image. Please ask a parent or guardian’s permission to do this before you start and, if necessary, ask them to help you.

Please note that we will only display your name and age with your drawing or photo and if you send us a photo of yourself we will email your parents to check that it is okay to put the photo online.

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How to... upload your photo or drawing

  1. Save your digital photo into the 'My pictures' folder on your computer. Scan in your drawing or create your picture using your computer and again save it to 'My pictures'
  2. Make sure that your photos and drawings are saved at a small size (no more than 100kb – ask a parent or guardian for help with this)
  3. Press the browse button and locate 'My pictures' find your picture or photo file and click on it. The file name should now have appeared in the box.
  4. Check that all the other details are filled in and click 'Submit'
  5. Your photo will be sent to Cats Protection to check that is it okay to put on the internet.