Advice if you have lost or found a cat

Things you can do to help find your cat

Check all rooms and garden buildings where the cat may be locked in and ask immediate neighbours to do the same.

Make a leaflet (preferably with a photo of the cat) giving your contact details and put it through all doors in the area.

Display the leaflet in the street. Ask if you can put the same leaflet in shops, especially pet shops.

Contact local animal welfare organisations (numbers in Yellow Pages) to see if the cat has been found.

Tell the local vets.

Offer a reward for safe return of the cat.

Put an advertisement in the local/free newspaper.

Call your local branch of Cats Protection or add your cat to the Animal Search UK lost pets database.

Things to do if you find a cat

Ask around to check that the cat is really a stray and not a new addition to a neighbour's family.

Contact local animal welfare organisations, the police and local vets.

Take the cat to a vet to see if it has been micro-chipped.

If you can keep the cat, advertise the fact that you have found it.- posters work really well for this.

If you cannot keep the cat, hand it in to the police or your local branch of Cats Protection.

Call your local branch of Cats Protection or add the cat to the Animal Search UK database.