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Little kitten Mew recuperates after being abandoned in a box.

A post from Bridgend Adoption Centre Manager Sue Dobbs

A 12-week-old kitten was admitted to us after a keen-eyed driver spotted a driver parked up and acting suspiciously. They went to investigate after the driver left and found little Mew had been dumped in a box.

black kitten in rescue centre pen

She was very thin and in poor condition. As she was hungry she kept bolting her food and then vomiting it up. Mew was taken straight to a vets for IV fluids and treatment.

She was lifeless in the first few days with us, just sitting by and cuddling into her teddy bear. But after a week of TLC, she is a completely different kitten. Mew is now bright eyed and full of mischief!

black kitten lying on white fleece

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