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Cat owner raises funds for Cats Protection by hosting a fun Black Cat Quiz!


Cat lover Anne has raised a fantastic £100 for the Cats Protection branch she adopted her black cat Flic from.

black cat laying inside a wooden drawer

Having previously had a black cat called Liquorice, Anne wasn’t looking for another but couldn’t resist little Flic when she and her husband spotted her on the Chelmsford & District Branch website. 

“We were both looking on the website and at the same time we said ‘Flic looks cute’,” said Anne. 

black cat asleep on brown leather sofa

“She’s been part of our family for almost five years now and I love her to bits. I work from home so most of the time, it’s just me and her. 

“She is absolutely adorable and she knows it, she gets away with everything! She has never had to wait to be fed, to be let in etc. and so she is really spoiled. 

black cat lying in a laundry basket

“I always give in to her as she puts her head on one side, looks at me with her beautiful little face and makes the strangest little eek sound. How can anyone refuse?!”

As well as raising much-needed funds for the branch, Anne’s online Black Cat Quiz was also a great opportunity for her to spend an evening with friends, including one all the way from Tasmania!

black cat playing with plastic packaging on tiled floor

Black Cat Day is on 27 October and we’d love for more supporters to celebrate beautiful black cats by hosting an online Black Cat Quiz. 

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