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All about cats

Cats have fascinated people for thousands of years; they have been linked with magic and luck throughout history.

Although cats can be very independent they do need your help and care. That's why this section also looks at ways to look after and have fun with your cat.

A cat's past

A cat's past

Journey through the history of the humble moggy; from prehistoric hunter to the UK's most popular pet...

Caring for your cat

Caring for your cat

Important ways to care for your cat and make sure that he's happy and well...

Playing with your cat

Playing with your cat

Play is very important for cats, particularly kittens, as it teaches them the skills needed for life...

A cat's body language

Cat's body language

Understand the unspoken things that your cat is saying to you through his body...

Types of cats

Types of cat

Shorthaired, long haired, moggy or pedigree there are many types of cats out there …