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Cats For Kids
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Your cat friends

This is an area dedicated to you and your favourite feline friend. It contains a gallery for you to share your artwork, photography skills and cat with the world! 

We would love to see your cat drawings. Maybe you could draw a big cat - like a lion or a tiger or a small cat - like your own cat or a friend’s cat - or cats with people, cats playing, cats with dogs, pedigree cats or adopted cats.

Let your imagination run wild! Or you can send us a photo of your cat, by himself, with your mum or dad or maybe your friend's cat. Get snapping and send us your pics.

Remember to write a few sentences about your photo or drawing and a little bit about your cat if you have one.

Send us a photo

Inspired by the pictures on our gallery? Why not send us a picture of your cat and it could end up on there as well!