Cat Care Collection

To purchase, call us on 01245 478389 or e-mail us 
Payments are done over the phone by credit or debit card (minimum order £5).
Once we have your payment we can arrange for you to
collect your order from the Adoption Centre at Deadmans Lane, Galleywood, CM2 8LZ.
cardboard scratcher cardboard scratcher  Feeding Mat Spot Design
Grooming Arch
36 .x 29cm
RRP £9.99
Cardboard Scratcher
RRP £7.99
Feeding Mat Sop Design
430 x 310mm
RRP £1.49
   sisal mouse  cat nip burlap sack
2 pack Cat Nip Toys Sisal Ball
RRP £2.99

2 pack Cat Nip Sisal Mouse
RRP £2.99
Cat Nip Burlap Bag
RRP £2.99

 cat nip  cat nip mice  spot blanket
RRP £2.49
2 pack Catnip Mice
RRP £3.99
Fleece Spot Blanket
120 x 120cm
RRP £5.99
litter scoop litter tray metal bowl
Litter Scoop Grey
Litter Tray Grey
RRP £6.99
Metal Bowl
RRP £3.00
 wooden stick toy  donut bed spot design  igloo bed
Wooden Stick Toy
RRP £2.99

Donut Bed Spot Design. 480 x 480 x 200mm
RRP £16.99

Igloo Bed. 400 x 350 x 280mm
RRP £21.99
multi pack balls radiator hammock pop up play tunnel
6 pcs Multipack Play Balls
RRP £1.99
Radiator Hammock
RRP £12.99
Pop up Tunnel 86x26
RRP £7.99