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Cat Behaviour Online Course

08 February 2021
Cat Behaviour Online Course
Understanding Feline Origins
- Free E-Learning Course!

 A chance for you to brush up on your cat knowledge, follow the link to our online leaning course "Understanding Feline Origins"

Click this link to get started: Cat Behaviour Course

Who is this course for?
Everyone! This course is purrfect for cat owners, rescue volunteers, students and anyone with an interest in cats! It can be done all in one go or in sections at a time and includes lots of helpful photos and videos.

Course Summary
Cats are often considered to be independent, and able to look after themselves whereas dogs are usually perceived to 'need' their owners. Whilst cats are pretty good at surviving without us, they do of course have biological and ethological needs.

To enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with a cat, and to minimise the chance of a behaviour problem occurring, an understanding of these basic needs is important. With a look at a wildcat species of similar size that shares common ancestry with our domestic pet, we can perhaps better understand the origin and bases of many of these needs.

Click this link to get started: Cat Behaviour Course