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Summer Appeal - The Importance of Microchipping

21 July 2021
Summer Appeal - The Importance of Microchipping

Chelmsford Cats Protection is fundraising for Cats Protection (justgiving.com) 
With your help we can continue to help cats and reunite them with their owners.

We know as cat owners the worst thing to happen is your cat going missing. We often see posts on social media for lost cats but many of these cats do not have a microchip or if they do, the details are not up to date.


When a stray cat comes into our care, we always check for a microchip. More often than not, the cat doesn’t have one but when they do have a chip we all get very excited as when hope to reunite the cat with the owner. It is very frustrating to find the contact details of the owner out of date as we know we are going to struggle to reunite them.


A large majority of strays that come in do not have a chip at all so we advertise the cat on the centre website and local social media pages.


Since January 2021 Chelmsford adoption centre had 40 stray cats come in to care, only 5 of these cats had microchips and only 1 of these cats had up to date details on their chip so was able to be reunited straight away.

The rest who had chips, their details we out of date making it almost impossible to locate the owner.

We have however managed to reunite 9 cats so far this year.


Here are few examples of stray that have come through our door this year so far.


Frank came in after being found in a garden in Basildon. All the microchip details were out of date and straight away we knew this was going to be a challenge to find the owner. The address on the chip was in Maidstone, Kent but Frank had been found in Basildon. The challenge was set.

First the centre team contacted local vets to his Maidstone address where they found a very kind receptionist who went straight out to door knock. She returned with news that the owner had moved away sometime ago.

Next the team searched social media for a person with a matching name.

They also tried contacting letting agents for the last known address to see if they had forwarding details, still no luck.


A facebook post was created of Frank and his story and shared to local missing pet pages in Maidstone. This post was shared over 900 times and reached over 87,000 people. Luckily this post was seen by a lady who remembered rehoming Frank from the RSPCA Headcorn cattery in Maidstone. She had a matching chip number and current contact details for the owner who she knew had been looking for Frank. She contacted the owner on our behalf and shortly after we received a call from Mrs Beadle who was over joyed to know we had her cat. Mrs Beadle no lived in Manchester but was sending a family member to collect and reunite Frank with her.


If the lady from RSPCA Headcorn had not seen this post we would have never found Frank’s owner. This story reached the local news in Kent and was featured on Kent online and BBC radio Kent.

 Frank is now happily back with his owner and doing well.


Slingsby was an unneutered tom cat who was found in South Woodham Ferrers terrorising the neighbourhood cats. Unneutered cats will travel long distances to find a mate and will get into fights with other unneutered cats in the process.


The finders took Slingsby to their local vet to be scanned for a chip. No chip was found and the vets advertised him as a stray. As he had been in there care for over a week, they were able to neuter him. The vets contacted us for help to rehome him. Once in our care we advertised him as a stray on social media. We didn’t get any response. Thankfully one of the team at Chelmsford saw a separate post from a lady who was missing a cat of the same description. We contacted her and she was able to come and identify Slingsby. He had been missing for a while. We encouraged the owner to get a microchip put in so that if he wonders off again he can be reunited straight away.