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Summer Appeal - Hedgehog Family

21 July 2021
Summer Appeal - Hedgehog Family Chelmsford Cats Protection is fundraising for Cats Protection (justgiving.com)
Our Summer Appeal for 2021 is now underway. As a self funding branch we need over £100,00 a year to run our centre.

Who have we helped in 2021?

Earlier this year we found Ericka and her kittens in a garden living in a hedgehog house. This was the second litter that Ericka had in the hedgehog house, unfortunately we unable to catch her first time around, but successful this time.

Ericka was very shy but soon came around, learning to trust people again and has now found a new home.
Her kittens were shy to start with and spent time with one of our fosterers to help with their socialising. They were soon loving life in the home and what cuties they are. All the kittens have now gone to their new homes.

Your donation to our appeal will help to continue helping cats in the Chelmsford and surrounding areas. Enjoy the video of Ericka and her adorable babies.