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Could you provide a foster home?

03 July 2021
Could you provide a foster home? This is very much a key role - cat fostering volunteers provide daily hands-on cat care in their own homes, either in a provided purpose-built cat cabin in your garden or in an adapted spare room.

In addition to looking after the health and well-being of each cat, time is spent grooming and socialising the cats.

From time to time, liaison with other group members, vets or potential owners may be needed. Also keeping a record of the cats in your care. Volunteers have full responsibility for the cats in their care. In practical terms this usually involves 1 - 3 hours per day caring for the cats, but this will vary depending on the number or needs of individual cats. However, a variety of opportunities are available including short term, long term or periodic fostering depending on the commitment you wish to make.

To have a chat about this role, please contact Jenny, our branch coordinator, telephone 0345 371 2730 or Email: coordinator@cheltenham.cats.org.uk 

Dot, one of our branch fosterers, says: ‘If you are thinking of becoming a fosterer, I would thoroughly recommend it. It is a very rewarding job and help is always at hand if needed.
There is one condition: YOU MUST BE A CRAZY CAT PERSON.’
She provides more of an insight on the following web page:
Cat fostering (cats.org.uk)

There is also more useful fostering information to be seen at:
Cat fostering volunteers (cats.org.uk)

Hope you will join us fostering cats/kittens.