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Fun Moggy Modules for learning at home

13 April 2020
Fun Moggy Modules for learning at home

What are moggy modules?

Our moggy modules have been created by our educational experts for children aged 5-11. Designed to help young learners discover more about our feline friends, the packs include focused worksheets, quizzes and activities. Each module is linked to one of the five cat's needs - a place to live, behaviour, the right diet, good healthcare and space. 

In each pack, you'll find a worksheet aimed at 5-7 year olds and a worksheet for 7-11 year olds, complete with an answer sheet for you. On completion of all five of the moggy modules, there is a certificate ready to print off!

To download each module go to our Cats Protection website, and click on the icons. You'll find all the videos, games and activities you need in our library too.

We want our education packs to reach as many parents as possible, so we’d love you to share your photos and videos on FacebookInstagram and Twitter using #TheMoggyModules. Let’s keep home schooling pawsome!