Cat fostering volunteers

Volunteer:  In-house fostererCat fostering volunteers provide daily hands-on cat care in their own homes, either in a provided purpose-built cat cabin in your garden or in an adapted spare room. In-house fosterers should not have other pets within the house. This is a key role to ensure the needs of each cat being cared for are met appropriately and in good time in accordance with CP Policies and procedures.

In addition to looking after the health and well-being of each cat, time is spent grooming and socialising the cats. From time to time, liaison with other group members, vets or potential owners may be needed.  Also record keeping to ensure we have an accurate record of each individual cat's health and social needs to help us monitor their progress and match them with their ideal new home.

Cat Care Volunteers have full responsibility for the cats in their care. In practical terms this usually involves 1-3 hours per day caring for the cats but this will vary depending on the number or needs of individual cats. However, a variety of opportunities are available including short term, long term or periodic fostering depending on the commitment you wish to make.

An outdoor penSkills/Qualifications Needed: A good working knowledge of basic cat care and an understanding of the importance of following care and hygiene standards are needed for this role. Good interpersonal skills for dealing with members of the public and vets are essential. The nature of this role means that emotional attachments to the cats do form; therefore cat fostering volunteers need to be level headed, practical and committed to finding new homes for all the cats in their care. All fosterers should provide a stress-free environment, not only for the foster cats but for people visiting your home to see the cat(s).

If you want to have a chat about this role, please contact our:

Coordinator - Telephone:  0345 371 2730