Cat traps/ feral cats

What is a feral cat? The term feral describes members of a domesticated species that have reverted to living as wild animals. Feral cats have had little or no contact with humans. They can never be tamed and this should never be attempted because they are very fearful of people and it would seriously compromise their welfare. Feral cats live alone – or in groups called colonies – and are found in towns, cities and rural areas. The best solution for feral cats is for them to be neutered and returned to their familiar environment.

Cat traps can be used to catch feral or starys cats or those who are simply lost. They must be set in a secure location and monitored. We hire out these traps for £20. We would be more than happy to offer advice as to whether a cat trap is needed in your senario. 

Cat traps allow you to catch the cat safely without harm to yourself or the cat. We often work with farms, stables and small holdings to TNR (trap, neuter and re-release) colonies of feral cats to stop the amount of feral unwanted kittens being born. Neutering these cats does not only stop the unwanted production of kittens it also increases the health of the feral cats and inturn creates better "mousers".

For more information on feral cats please click here 

Occasionally we catch feral cats in urban areas and often they cannot return to the same area, so in this case we look for farms, stables etc to re-release these cats once they have bee neutered. If you feel you have the correct environment for one or more of these cats please let us know! (These cats will earn their keep in return for shelter & some food).