Old Lost & Found register

Anyone who has lost their own cat or has found a stray please contact our helpline on 0845 371 2754 between 10am and 4pm (Monday to Friday) giving as much information as possible.

If you have lost a cat there are a number of actions you can go through to try and find them:
1. Call our helpline to register the lost cat, giving as much detail as you can about the cat and the circumstances surrounding its going missing.
2. Put up posters, with a picture of your cat, in your area. in local shops, post offices, etc. Don’t forget to add a contact phone number.
3. Phone local vets to see whether a cat of the same description has been taken to them.
4. Try asking your neighbours if they have opened a garage or shed since your cat went missing. Cats are incurably nosy and curious and may well get trapped in sheds, garages, outhouses or even conservatories, in your locality.

A found cat could be a stray, living off its wits, but could also be someone’s much missed pet. By registering with us there is always a chance that they can be reunited.
Please phone our helpline with any details you can about the cat. We then put the cat on our register but also consider the possibility that we may have to bring the cat into our care. So the cat’s details, and yours, then go on our waiting list as well.
If the cat has only been around your property for a short time we would normally send you a paper collar to put on the cat ( if you can) asking if anyone owns the cat. If contact is made with the owner then it is an outcome which everyone hopes for.
If, however, after two weeks, no contact has been made then the cat would definitely go on our waiting list. Pleases remember that, however much we want to help, we do have a long waiting list, limited places and a free space depends on our homing another cat. This can take time. We do try to prioritise the urgency of each case, so please keep in mind that if you have to wait a while it is because we have to deal with, amongst others, injured cats, Mums and kittens that have been abandoned, or cats whose owners may be about to lose their homes.