Cats for whom we have found a new home

We think you will enjoy finding out about the happy endings for the cats we foster. 

Affectionate boy Nugget is going to have a happy life with his new family.  

Lovely older boy Tony has gone to enjoy some creature comforts in his new home.

Sweet Maisie is now settling in to her new home.

Lovely Beetroot and Rhubarb have gone to start their wonderful new life with their new family.

It's fantastic news that nervous Billy, who took spent quite some time with us in order for his broken jaw to be fixed and to get a bit more confidence, has gone to a lovely new home which he really deserves.

Little Spike is going to have lots of great adventures in his new home.

Sweet Daisy has gone to the lovely new home that she deserves. 

Handsome Merlin is going to have a lovely time with his new family.