Success Stories

Ricotta the kitten is right at home
Ricotta is still growing and is absolutely huge now! He’s overtaken our sphynx in size and weight! He’s got an amazing character and is so so loving. He’s always by my side wherever I am. He loves to play with his toys and other random household items. He is currently growing a beautiful mane and has the most beautiful bushy tail. He has now settled with the dogs and puts them in their place when he feels he needs too. He’s amazing with our little boy and loves getting cuddles from him. He’s very cheeky and loves to raid the bin or kitchen sides, we are forever taking random food out of his mouth haha, I often wake up to him standing on my head demanding his breakfast! Thank you again for allowing to adopt our special boy we love him so so much. 

Cheeky boys have settled in well
Jesse & Jett were quite nervous boys and it's taken them a while to settle in. Jesse is now a lap cat and while Jett isn't quite that brave yet he loves being stroked. They certainly look very relaxed in their new home and have grown (about 6 months old now)!

Shy girl Nala comes out of her shell
Nala (was Elsa) came to us as a 2 year old semi-feral cat who had never had any human physical contact before. She was homed to a lovely lady who was aware how shy she was, but wanted to offer her a home. She would just about allow you to touch her on the head when she was homed, but still completely frozen stiff with fear most of the time. We have stayed in touch with her owner with advice for a while, and she has been introduced to the trust technique and she has obviously done a great job. Here is a very happy outcome of homing a very very shy cat with the right owner:
"To say she is part of the family is an understatement, she sits at night-time on my husbands lap, sleeps next to me, and spends a lot of her time guarding our garden from local cats, or chasing birds!! Here she is enjoying lockdown with her best buddy Holly."
Update on Boe
From Boe's owners: "He is still as quirky as ever but is slowly getting over his jitteriness and is very affectionate. We both have found it so touching to see him feel loved - he barely leaves our sides when we are at home! He seems quite happy to do his own thing as well though, he plays on his own and also seems to have established his territory outside and got well used to the neighbouring cats and dogs. He comes and goes as he pleases and couldn't wait to stop using the litter tray!"

Best Friends
Alan could offer an indoor-only home and as Mr Colbie showed no inclination towards venturing outside so it was the perfect match. Alan said: “I decided to adopt Mr Colbie just from seeing him on Twitter. Apparently I was the only one to show an interest, possibly because he’s black and a bit older, but his age was perfect for me. I wasn’t interested in a kitten shredding my curtains and causing havoc, although Mr Colbie does enjoy chewing my laces when I take my shoes off!” Alan was so sure that Mr Colbie was the cat for him that he didn’t even meet him before taking him home in December 2015. Likewise, Mr Colbie clearly knew he’d fallen on his feet as he behaved perfectly in the car and, after a brief inspection of Alan’s home, settled straight in for a snooze in the lounge. At first he was a bit timid of noises he didn’t recognise and would hide under the bed, but he soon got used to his new surroundings and became a confident chap. These days he reacts only slightly to people approaching the front door, as if indicating their arrival to Alan. Alan added: “Although he’s not a lap cat, he’s very affectionate and loves to be stroked. He particularly likes to sit with his paws on my feet and also sleeps on the bed at night.” In June 2016 Mr Colbie was diagnosed with diabetes, requiring two injections each day. This doesn’t bother him in the slightest, however, and Alan is easily able to administer these while Mr Colbie enjoys his morning and evening meals. Alan says Mr Colbie has had a positive impact in his life. “I live alone and also work shifts so often come home at different times but he always gives me a nice welcome when I get in. I love him to bits - we’re devoted to each other. He’s my best friend.” 

Donut's a delight!
When we got Donut, we were told she was an indoor cat. We wanted to give her the opportunity of going outside. After a few weeks, we left the patio door open. She eventually put two feet out then was back in. A few days later, she put all four feet out, then was immediately back in. It took a few months for her to be comfortable about being out and now she can't wait to get out! 
We have now had her for one year. She enjoys playing, especially with our old boot laces. We did try to think of another name, as initially we felt a bit daft calling out 'Donut', but in the end we decided to keep it. Donut was rather aloof to start with, but over the year, she has become more engaging with us and now sits next to us on the sofa and on the end of our bed. 
Donut definitely seems to have settled in well now and we are very pleased with our choice!