Byron's story

Back in August 2008 we had to do a foster cat swap. Paula, who used to be a fosterer for us, had fallen off her motorbike and with an injured arm she was unable to keep up with the demands of five kittens. They were transferred to me and Paula took on two older cats called Gordon and Shirley.

The kittens were black and black and white and I named them after poets. Byron was the smallest and had respiratory problems. On his third visit to the vet we were told he would be given one more course of antibiotics but if they did not work we would have to consider having him put to sleep. I think it was at that moment that we decided we would keep him whatever happened. Thankfully he pulled through and five years on he has grown into the exceptional cat that he is today.

At the end of October Byron moved in during a family party as his pen was needed for another cat and he settled in immediately. I remember that he did several laps around the living room and ran straight across my nephew’s lunch to the great amusement of everyone.

Byron has a receding chin, which is unusual for a cat, but it doesn’t hold him back. He has a healthy appetite and can be very vocal when the bowl is empty. We sometimes mistake him for Charlie, our other black cat, as he has really ‘chunked up’ and he can certainly hold his own when they play fight. He has soft, dense fur with a paint smudge on his side.

Byron is happy to be outdoors in any weather but also enjoys being snug and warm indoors and likes to lie on my pyjamas or any discarded item of clothing. He is a very good hunter and particularly likes catching mice, which he sometimes brings in, occasionally still alive so that I can get some exercise chasing him around the house, but most often leaves outside the cat pens.

Many people will know that Byron is our Branch mascot and regularly writes for the newsletter and the website. I think he enjoys being in the spotlight.

His nickname is BTB, which stands for ’Byron The Baby’ as he is the youngest member of our feline family and he will always be very special to us especially after his uncertain start.

Fosterer and Fundraising Officer