Misty's and Daisy's story

Back in 2009 I was looking for a couple of kittens as I was getting over a serious illness. My last cat had sadly departed this world some six months before and I desperately needed some furry companionship. Well this was first my involvement with Cats Protection.  I went round to see some kittens at a fosterer’s home and picked out two of the cutest little sisters (but aren’t they all cute?). Anyway, home visits were completed and I’m pleased to say I passed and so I went round to get the little darlings.

Everything was ready for them - a nice big cage to keep them safe for a couple of days until they got used to their new home, lots of nice kitten food and a nice warm bed.  Misty (or Mystic Mog as I now call her) was fine, tucked in to the food no problem, but not Daisy - nothing passed her lips. She flatly refused to eat.  This went on for 24 hours -  nothing to eat or drink! Help! I called the Branch Co-ordinator for advice, and she said bring her back that night and she would see her. 

We dashed her back, and it was a dash as they were closing the road that night for some repairs and if we’d been too late it would have meant a long detour.  The Co-ordinator kept her overnight and called me the next day to say that Daisy was now eating fine no problems.  Silly me!  I’d given her some nice kitten food from a pouch I didn’t think she would only eat biscuits! Yes, to this day, she will only eat dried food and nothing else.   So we got her home again and she’s not looked back since.

I’d not had any kittens for some years and had forgotten how much hard work they are and how destructive they can be but so much fun! They used to run round the living room several times without touching the floor. Climbed up curtains, shredded the wall paper in the kitchen and living room.  Not to mention the decimation of the local wildlife in the Spring, for which they are now on a curfew between 9pm and 8am (but only for the Spring).

The girls are now five years old and have settled down a lot.  Misty is a little ‘Miss Perfect’ and poses very well as she is so pretty. Daisy is more of an in your face cat. Always lets me know what she wants and won’t take no for an answer! Her secret tipple is Whiskas Milk, which is strictly rationed.

I wouldn’t be without them and I love them to pieces.    

Sue, Branch Co-ordinator