Poppy's story

We adopted Poppy and Milly six years ago, two beautiful black and white cats, when Poppy with her little black nose was three years old. When we went to meet them at the fosterer’s house they were very nervous in the pen and for the first few days in our house, Poppy hid behind Milly in the basket in our spare bedroom. One or the other of us would go and sit in the bedroom with them for a while, and gradually they started to trust us and after a while they started to enjoy strokes.

Once we started leaving the bedroom door open, Milly and Poppy started exploring the rest of the house, and we soon realised that Poppy was a cat that enjoyed an adventure! After the first night when they had access to the whole house we couldn’t find Poppy anywhere. After hunting high and low we found that she had crept into the back of a cabinet and had settled down in a tray full of papers. One night soon afterwards, just before our bedtime we heard a ker-thump in the kitchen. We ran in to see what caused it, but there was no cat in sight. Our last sight of Poppy had been her jumping on top of the kitchen wall cupboards. So we guessed that she had fallen behind one of them, and it could only have been the one with our oven and microwave in it. So we were dreading having to take the oven out to remove it. It was a huge relief to find out that the microwave pulled out and behind it was a cheeky little face saying ‘Hello! You found me then!”

The next adventure was while Poppy was bird-watching. She likes to sit under the bird feeders watching the birds and hoping that one will drop into her mouth. One day, one of the birds must have flown so close to her that she jumped after it over our wall. Now, on our side of the wall it’s less than 2 feet high, but the other side is a 10 feet drop. My partner saw her disappear over the wall and he went running round to the other side of it to rescue her. Fortunately she was only embarrassed to have been seen, not hurt!

We’re thinking of sending Poppy for swimming lessons as one of these days she might actually fall into the pond when she chases dragonflies. So far she has only had a very wet tail and very wet feet! She loves the Summer when we spend a lot of time out in ‘her’ garden. She comes racing down to sit by the pond with us while we unwind after a hard day’s work.

Poppy likes to think that she’s still a kitten even though she’s now nine years old. If she thinks that you’re ignoring her, she’ll make sure that she gets your attention. She’s well-practised at sitting on your chest to block your view if you’re reading a book, and if that doesn’t work, she’ll put her head on one side on your chest and peer up at you with her big soppy eyes! It’s hard to remember what a scared little thing she was when she arrived.

Jacqui, Web Officer