Spooky's story

In the early hours of a freezing December day in 2001, my then husband and I were coming home from a Christmas party when a little black cat ran up to us at the front door and begged to come in. Well I've always been a cat lover and no way was this little bundle being left outside in sub-zero temperatures, so she came in and slept in the middle of our bed like she owned the place.

I had seen Spooky (as she was called) around, and knew she belonged to the new couple next door. They rented and probably shouldn't have had pets. Spooky was outside a lot, and was put out at night (don't you hate the phrase, put the cat out) and slept in another neighbour's garden. She soon got into the habit of coming in to ours every night when I called her, and most days was happy to sleep in our airing cupboard on a pile of towels. At first she ate tuna fish and some cheap tins of cat food - that's changed over the years I can tell you!

They say you don't choose the cat, the cat chooses you. This was true in our case - the following summer the girl from next door came in and explained that they were splitting up, she was moving back to her mum's and then looking to rent somewhere else, and could I take Spooky? I never made a better decision. Eleven years later she's still with me, still sleeping somewhere warm every night and eating only the finest cat food money can buy. My husband is now an ex, but this little black cat has been with me every day, from quite demanding miaows in the morning to purring beside me as I read in bed every night. She has brought me nothing but happiness and stress relief, especially when I rub her tummy. I wouldn't be without her for a minute.

Clare, Collections Organiser and Fundraiser