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Be an adoption hero and adopt a shyer cat

11 February 2020
Be an adoption hero and adopt a shyer cat

Shy cats are often the last to be adopted, but all they need is time and love.

They are often rescued as strays, where they have had to fend for themselves, and it is very important to us that these cats get a second chance. They are not feral, but just need some time to learn how to trust humans again (often it's about rekindling forgotten trust). 

We are always looking for patient and compassionate people who want to give a shyer cat a chance - you would need to have some experience with cats, a quiet household without young children, and allow the cat to come out in their own time. They will need to be kept in one room to start with where they can feel safe, and have something to hide in at the beginning (like a cardboard box, or cat tower for example) until they are more confident. We will always provide help and advice whenever it is needed throughout this process, and always love to hear how the cats are getting on.

All our cats are vet-checked, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before adoption, so all they need is time, love and somewhere to feel safe. From experience all these cats return to being the affectionate and loving pets that they always were deep down, and the bond between an adopter and a shyer cat can be something incredibly special - and for many of us the most rewarding thing of all. Could you be one of our adoption heroes?

Please note that these cats might not be on our website yet, but please get in touch via enquiries@chiltern.cats.org.uk and we can send you details and photos.

“The rewards of Foxy learning to trust me are huge. Massive contrast between him hiding behind the bed when he arrived and running to jump on my lap when I tap the arm of the chair – like a completely different cat. Fabulous to have him sit on my desk when I am trying to use my computer, and gaze into my face asking to be loved. Time stands still when we are having some quality time together.”