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Busy summer at Fishcross

12 August 2019
Busy summer at Fishcross IT'S been a very busy summer at THE FORTH VALLEY ADOPTION CENTRE.
Hardly a week went by when all the pens were not full. Luckily we get plenty of visitors at the weekends and that resulted in lots of cats and kittens finding lovely new homes.
Now the weather is changing and the dark nights will be with us soon. At this time of year we try to get the stray cats off the streets and into the centre where they can be warm and well fed.
Whether you are looking for a kitten, an older cat, an indoor cat or one that loves exploring the outdoors, we are sure to be able to find the purr-fect kitty for you!
Pictured is beautiful Belle who went to her new home recently.
Maybe you are thinking of adopting a pair of cats, well we can help you there too!
We have lots of new cats coming in over the next few days so why not drop in and see them. Not all the new cats will be ready to be rehomed immediately as they still have to be vet checked, microchipped etc. But that doesn't mean you can't express an interest in them.
Remember too that not all the cats in the centre are on the website. The cats on the website are usually the ones that are ready to be rehomed immediately.
Our adoption fee is still £60 and all our cats come neutered and microchipped and with all innoculations up to date.
Our cats are waiting for you! Looking forward to seeing you soon. We are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12.30-3.30pm each day.
If you see a cat on our website and would like to meet him or her just use the form in the Contact Us section to express your interest.