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Handsome Horace goes home

20 February 2020
Handsome Horace goes home HANDSOME Horace, the mischievious rescue cat who went on the run from his new home in Stirling for 16 months before turning up safe and well, has now gone off to a new life in the countryside.

Horace was adopted from Cats Protection’s Forth Valley Adoption Centre in September 2018 - but disappeared almost immediately.

For weeks volunteers went out searching for him, handing out flyers and putting up posters, but to no avail.

Because he had previously been a stray, it was hoped that he would be streetwise enough to survive once again. Then, out of the blue, came a phonecall to our lost and found volunteer saying a stray tabby and white boy had been hanging around her garden. And the garden was just around the corner from where Horace went missing!

A photo forwarded by the lady bore a strong resemblence to Horace. He was immediately picked up and scanned for a mircochip, and that confirmed Horace's identity. Back at the adoption centre Horace was found to be in surprisingly good health despite all the months on the streets. And weighing in at 7.8kg it was obvious Horace hadn't been wanting for food!

Horace wasn't able to return to his former adoptive home so a new home had to be found - well away from his old stamping ground just in case he was tempted to head off out again!  It took a few weeks but Horace didn't seem to mind - being quite happy back in his old pen!

Then one day someone came in and fell in love with him. Last week it was time to say goodbye to this big, cuddly character who has been given a second chance at happiness. Good luck Horace in your country retreat!