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Make sure your flowers are feline-friendly

10 March 2018
Make sure your flowers are feline-friendly Many people don't know that some plants and flowers are toxic to cats.

Lilies are particularly dangerous and aren't advised for a household where a cat lives. They are extremely toxic to felines - from the stamen and pollen to the flower and bulb and even the water in the vase. Aside from lilies, other common flowers like peonies, poppies and cornflower are also harmful.

Luke Proudfoot from London nearly lost his young cat Myra when he noticed she had pollen on her nose after brushing past a bunch of lilies. He rushed her to the emergency vet, where she was immediately put on a drip as she was drowsy and dangerously dehydrated.

"Thankfully she made a full recovery but I would never have bought lilies if I'd have known how deadly they could be." said Luke.

Signs of lily poisoning include continued vomiting, blindness, paralysis, renal failure and coma. Is a cat exhibits any of these symptoms, Cats Protection advises getting it to a vet as soon as possible for urgent treatment.

To help owners make an informed decision when buying a bouquet, Cats Protection have put together an advice graphic on poisonous plants and flowers. To find out more, go to www.cats.org.uk/dangerous-plants.