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Sun safety for cats

25 July 2019
Sun safety for cats

With pet cats venturing out in the hot weather, Cats Protection Forth Valley is urging owners to protect their cat from sun damage.

Like humans, cats can develop skin cancer from over-exposure to the sun and pale or white cats, or those with sparse hair on their ears, are most at risk.  Signs that a cat has caught too much of the sun include red, scaly or thickened skin around the tips of the ears or nose, in which case it’s important to take the cat to a vet immediately.

A high factor sunblock can be obtained, which can be applied to vulnerable areas such as the ears, but most cats will clean this off so please speak to a vet for advice on an appropriate sunblock.

Owners are also advised to keep cats indoors or in the shade between 11am and 4pm when the sun is at its hottest. Fortunately most cats like to rest around this time, so by providing a cool, quiet spot and a litter tray, a cat is more likely to stay indoors.