Archie and Stuart

Just thought I would send you a little update on our recent arrivals,
Stuart Archie and Stuart 1and Archie. They are settling in great and really making themselves at home with us. Their favourite sleeping place seems to be above our washing machine in the utility room. We have now put a bed up there for then, which should be a little comfier than our dishtowels!
Stuart is a little chatterbox and really enjoys having company and getting attention. Archie is a little more nervous but does like to come and sit with us when he is in the mood.
We have also recently started letting them outside into our back gardens which they seem to be really enjoying after spending the first couple of weeks looking out of the window. They have also made a friend of the neighbours' cat, Harris, who came to visit them through the glass not long after we got the boys.
I have attached a few pictures for you to see how they are getting on.

Archie and Stuart 2