Hi everyone, I adopted Broxi (now answers to Bee as well as Broxi) in December last year and we just love him. For the first few weeks he would sleep in my daughter's pram or behind my bed during the day and at night he would sleep in with me but nowadays he is roaming the streets chasing birds (bringing a few home too!). HBroxie loves to be outside sunning himself and he will often follow me to the shop. He likes to stay out at night but on the odd occasion he will stay in and will sleep cuddled up to one of the kids or myself. If he has had enough of being in he doesn't hesitate to wake me up so that he can get out. He loves to play chasing his little balls in the garden with my oldest daughter and it is lovely to watch. He is the best match for our family and I am so happy we chose him. Hopefully in the near future I will give another cat a forever home. Thank you for all your help choosing Broxi.
Katrina G