Hi Sandra and all the other cat Ladies,
I thought I'd send you a wee e-mail to give you an update on Byron.  We've nicknamed him Byron the Sophisti-Cat! We think it's suits him!!
He's well and truly made himself at home, he's almost got a swagger about him as if to say this is my pad!  He was really timid for the first day and spent most of the day hid behind the couch, we enticed him out with some treats and showed him where his food and litter tray was.  On the Monday I think he realised that we weren't that bad as parents and came out of his shell and there's been no going back for him!  He's got a party trick, each morning we wake up to the fridge door being open, he doesn't touch anything just seems to like being able to the open the door.  So we have invested in a child lock for the fridge door.  He soon found the fish and we have nicknamed the time he spends looking at them as "TV for cats!" 
It's not taken him long to make himself at home and find his spot on the couch!  He's taken a liking to tuna and so anytime Stuart opens a tin of tuna he's sure to be at the back of him him waiting patiently with his big loving (please can I have some tuna!) eyes!! 
Jenni, Stuart & Byron