It is now about a Charlie at xmasyear since we adopted Charlie - would you recognise him?
He has matured into a lovely cat - very friendly - he loves company and is also very tolerant, letting you stroke his belly and head -
all day if he could! We had a rough couple of months over late summer when he fractured his paw - the vet didn't xray him the first time, so we had to take him back, and there was lots of coming and going - the sedations for the xrays were horrible. They attempted to give him a cast for it, but he wasn't having any of it and pulled it off himself! Anyway we are glad to say he is back on form and now managing some more adventurous jumps and chasing his toys again. We are hoping long-term we might adopt another cat as a friend for Charlie - he certainly loves company and we think we'd like a feline friend too!
Many regards to you all
Caireen, Neon and Charlie