Coal and Keira

CoalJust a quick update on Coal and Keira. they are both settling in well and eating normally, although Coal (pictured right) is definitely the boss and Keira sometimes has to wait her turn. Coal has always been very cuddly and likes to have me in sight in case he wants a cKeirauddle. Keira (pictured left) is now allowing me to pick her up too. She also runs to me for protection when he's being especially boisterous. It's taken some weeks to get Coal to accept I won't get out of bed before the alarm clock goes off, and I have been woken to the noise of him pushing it across the nightstand to try and make it go - he's one smart, determined cat! To use up some of his energy I now have a halter for him so we can take trips outside to show him around. Keira is not interested in putting it on but maybe she'll want to copy him after a while. Her energy gets burned up chasing toys up and down the stairs. And Coal can sure tear around the place when the mood strikes him.
Still delighted every day to have them, and have them sleeping round about me at night. We are officially a family now.
Nicola A