cookiecookieHi All,

I thought I’d let you know how Cookie is getting on in his new home.

He has settled quicker than we expected and seems very content.  He took shelter in the bookcase on one of the emptier shelves at first!  Now he greets you at the door of his room with a lovely meow!  His favourite place is his sheepskin radiator bed.  He is learning to play with his toy mice and play balls.  He is so funny – when he wants a cuddle he comes to your hands and just throws himself on the carpet on his side or back to get lots of tummy rubs and to give out lots of purrs.

He is still in his room for now and enjoys watching out the window.  He is beginning to wonder what is outside the door of his room so perhaps tomorrow I might open the door and let him look around the house in his own time.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt such a special boy!

Carole and John