Dennis and Wilf

I thought I would write and let you know how the two cats that I have
had from you are doing. I goDennis and Wilft Dennis (aka Minstrel) in November 2011 and Wilf (aka Donald) in July 2012. They were both semi-feral kittens. Both were very shy but came on really well with lots of playing and cuddles. They are now gorgeous big cats, both go out and enjoy the garden as I have fitted one of those clever cat-flaps that recognise their microchips and I would recommend these. They are great as you can set them not to let the cats out once it gets dark. As well as being lovely, affectionate companions to me, they are also best friends and love playing together and grooming each other. I attach a photo of them having a snooze together. Dennis is on the right and Wilf on the left.
Thank you so much for my gorgeous boys and all the best with your continuing work.

Pam MacNicol