Hi there,

I just thought I ought to drop you a wee line to let you know how Jeoffry is getting on in his new home. I picked him up on 30th July, which means he has been with me now for nearly 6 weeks.

Wee Jeoffry is an absolute joy, he is such a friendly wee chap and I love having him around. He was in the house for 3 weeks and was great, used his tray like an angel and loved playing with his (numerous) toys. Then, one evening, he managed to get out of the bathroom window on to the roof of the extension and took himself off for a wander. Luckily I had bought him a collar the day before as I intended to let him out in the garden, under supervision, as advised, that weekend. The wee scamp had other ideas though. I was very worried and went looking for him as soon as I realised that he was missing but he came home safe and sound when it suited him and he has been going out ever since. He loves the garden and the other gardens that back on to it and appears to have made himself very much at home in the neighbourhood.

My other cat, Felix, is not so overjoyed to have a new companion but I have taken things really slowly, fed them separately, made sure they both get loads of cuddles and bought a Feliway diffuser and I think, in time, he will get used to the situation.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for letting me have Jeoffry, he is a wee darling, I cannot imagine why anyone would not want a lovely wee cat like him and I am glad that I have been able to give him another chance. Thanks to everyone I met at the shelter and special thanks to Val who gave me a lift to pick Jeoffry up on the 30th July.

With best wishes to you in your brilliant work.

Pam McNicol,