black and white catDear Ladies,
An update on Joe who came to live with me in February. Joe is now 11 and a half but acts much younger.
Joe spent the summer exploring the garden and the local area and now goes outside confidently every day. He loves nothing better than bringing dead mice home after a good hunt and loves playing hunting games in the house. He can spend hours at the window watching all the dogs being walked and one day had a go at a Jack Russell pup!
He is now very settled in his home and very little upsets him, he obviously feels secure and happy.
He is coming with me to Glasgow for Christmas and travels short distances well in the car.
I attach a photo of him, he is also something of a "silver surfer" as you can see and already has a favourite website!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you who looked after him in his moment of need.