We adopted an old girl called Kat from you in March this year and wanted to update you on her progress. She has settled in well, she's a fiesty old lady but much more mobile than we expected. Once she stretched her legs around the house her movemenKat in gardent was much better than it had been at the shelter, however, the vet still thinks she hasKat in basket some arthritis and she is on a painkiller once a day. When he came to you she was 2.8kg and when we adopted her she was 3.2kg. It took her a while but she is now 3.5kg. She is also very deaf but we find ourselves talking to her anyway! She's definitely settled in and rules the roost! I wouldn't say she gets on with our other cat Patch (adopted from you in 2008) but they tolerate each other. We have had some problems along the way. She had to undergo an operation to have teeth removed which was successful and she began eating more and the pawing at her mouth has stopped. She's managing fine with only her four front teeth! Her favourite toys are paper balls and feathers and she stampedes up and down the stairs like an elephant.
Attached are some pictures and as you can see she is very different now that all her fur has grown back in!
Sinead and Paul